“Police think they have the authority/to kill a minority” (Ice Cube)

It’s the deck attack. This communist monster will come and attack any spot near you on command. 7.78 inches of pure maple pleasure ready to be manipulated (or is it better to say “pedipulated”?) for your skate needs. Affiliate skateboard company, via Blast! distribution sent us this deck to review, straight outta their Chicago headquarters. I’d like to tell you which artistic movement may be home for the above design, but I’m pretty ignorant on this, all I know is self taught. I can tell a Jeremy Fish from a Shepard Fairey but this is it. Why did I came out with Shepard Fairey name? Who knows?! One thing is sure: “never ever buy a skate for his graphics” is a lie by the caliber of “Silvio Berlusconi is a honest working man”. All the skateboards on the wall of your shop are there tempting you with their graphic, subliminally screaming “Buy me” like a commercialized version of the “Drink me” sign on Alice in wonderland little bottle. Since it’s my duty to open up your eyes we will talk about deck construction instead of graphics. Or should we talk about shapes? How about both? Seven crossed plies of Canadian maple is what your board is made of. Once all the boards came from the US of A, cost mad money to us Euro heads but there was no other chance. Enter the Euro revolution: now you can buy a European quality board or your shop board and it never crossed the ocean, being a Spanish lab really cheap and the boards are not so bad. Not only: skate labs were made in Chinaland also and when big names in skate world were discovered to produce boards in said land everybody screamed “scandal” but not them: people skated those boards and those pieces of wood pretty much did the job in a way that was impossible to tell if they were American or Chinese. Shapes and dimensions are what a skater needs to choose if he really knows how to skate. If he’s into big tricks, he needs a big board, if he flips in and out of tricks, he’d better get a smaller board. The nose and the tail are so important that you wouldn’t imagine: you need to hit your tail and control right after your trick on your nose (or the opposite if you’re into nollie tricks). All this was to make you undersand a few things: this board is made in the USA. This board shape and dimensions are good for you, unless your feet is a size 5. Most of all don’t lose focus on the message it has for you: resist authority! Free your mind! Skate or spin dry!

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