“Potentially vital, only as the Bible/camel eyes used to worship the false idols” (The Rza)

Jeez, I’m so sorry. No, I’m definately not sorry to show you all such a fine female as my homegirl Giuly Haze. I’m sorry to announce officially that True Love and False Idols doesn’t exist anymore. That brand that made complex funny concepts become reality disappeared. Exactely like that hottie that, after what happened yesterday night disappeared from your bed this morning. It has been quick but intense. Let the sadness vanish by the way, summer is blowin’ up and we gotta talk about a one of a kind piece. Pay attention to this TLFI Pinstripe snapback and stay focused. It happens that through the production process you design an item, you send it to the manufacturer (New Era in this case), you get a test item back and if you approve it, it’s ready to start the production cycle.
I don’t know if this is an error or if they tried it and they didn’t like it in the end but the official TLFI Pinstripe cap has not the stripes in this sense but perpendicular to these that you see above. There is more and you can see it if you watch properly that Danny Brown “Radio song” video: there should be TLFI written in block letters under the visor but not in this one in my hands. Ha haaa! That chain stitching under the grey visor anyway makes it a finesse driven item and that thick script over on the crown is a truly remarkable example of the craftmanship level that New Era can reach single handed. Let alone that arch that says “In love with a lifestyle that I can’t afford”. That is just perfect. We gotta say bye then to this brand that dropped a lot of fantastic items that were probably too visionary for the market. We can keep on following TLFI legacy in the brilliant music videos directed by the founder & designer Alex 2Tone, like Dj Muggs with Dizzie Rascal & Bambu “Snap ya back”. In love with a lifestyle that we can follow, I would say in this case.

Ma quanto mi dispiace! No, non mi spiace aver Giuly Haze a rappresentare questo cappello su The Maxiemillion. Mi dispiace che TLFI, il brand che lo ha creato, non esista più. Un passaggio veloce ed intenso questo di True Love e False Idols che ha lasciato un segno nella scena streetwear di LA. I contenuti complessi ma molto divertenti della visione del designer e fondatore Alex 2Tone sono estremamente futuristici, più del rap di Fibra. Gatti con occhio col patch alla Slick Rick, scoiattoli che fumano da narghilé e Hollywood celebrities con tatuaggi posticci e occhi pesti rimarranno quindi un ricordo. Ma il messaggio di 2Tone continua con la regia di video bomba come questo di Danny Brown “Radio Song” (dove tra l’altro si vede questo cap). Se notate che il cappello è molto simile ma non identico avete ragione: questo è un prototipo che è leggermente diverso. Unico quindi, come lo era TLFI nella sua filosofia fresca e divertente…


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