Powell Peralta ● Skateboard Skeleton t-shirt

From my perspective Powell Peralta is the epitome of classic in skateboard culture. I remember like it was yesterday going to Rick’s Surf in Milan to cop my Powell Peralta Vallely Elephant and going out of that shop (that doesn’t exist anymore) with my new board thinking I owned a treasure. Inside there was my mentor Max Bonassi, and if my memory doesn’t play tricks on me, he was wearing a fleece with this same design.

We are on sacred terrain here, talking about what the early Bones Brigade may have worn at one of those demos that lets you go home thinking you just had a mystic experience or something really close to it. It’s not by accident that the first demo I have ever seen in my life had Tony Hawk, Cab, Mc Gill and Tommy Guerrero skating under our eyes like they were superheroes in what was probably 1989.

Nostalgia can bring out the most hidden memories and this Skateboard Skeleton tee is the most suitable tool for such job. I love how this strong design is contextualized on a smooth yellow pastel tone, that gives it a retro surf vibe. Don’t get me wrong: I fully embrace evolution of skateboarding and streetwear but an item like this is a tee that belongs to the past that couldn’t be more contemporary.

Here Elisabetta L wears in this bowl the Skateboard Skeleton tee showing you how its print looks on front and back, printed in solid colors in Mexico. It’s a matter of what you want to represent, once again: the flavor of the month or a timeless icon.

Action Now is dealing with Powell Peralta for more than 30 years now, representing a solid distribution in Italy for what concerns skate hardware. Get in touch with its staff and it may connect you to the nearest skate shop selling this tee and the rest of Powell Peralta products.

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