Primitive ● Dover Short Sleeve Woven + Shorts

Do you remember that post about a Primitive bucket hat, a hoodie and a belt all with the same pattern? That smashing outfit was suitable for Spring but nowadays it’s starting to get hotter so you may want to go at the beach or at the local pool.

Some of you are even planning their holidays. I have a suggestion then: make sure you don’t leave without Primitive Dover Short Sleeve Woven and of course without the shorts with the same pattern.

Time to feel good in a nonchalant attire and I can hardly see something more effective of this. The skate brand created by Paul Rodriguez, first as a shop in Encino then making it evolve into a solid skateboard brand with an even more solid team, has now a complete range more than satisfying. Primitive gets you dressed for your session and after with a taste that is reflecting the clean looking style of the team.

The designer created a pattern where mushrooms and red flowers (poppies?) live in perfect harmony on a black background. Printed shirts are making their presence felt this season, a sort of hawaiian shirt renaissance, where the old recipe gets updated with contemporary fits and most of all new patterns.

It is like this section of the proposal of skateboard brands puts to a test the good old graphic flip, so loved by the skate community. So if on an hawaiian shirt you had women dancing, waves and palm trees, now you have hallucinations inducing raw materials. Quite an upgrade, if you ask me.

Make this outfit react accordingly to your mood, wearing it together as an ensemble or just one at a time. Shorts are lined with a net jersey and even if they have been created as a urban item, I think that you can even use them to swim, if you really have to.

Of course these items are available at all the shops that carry Primitive through RNG Distribution that saw the potential in this brand from the start and it is presenting in its booth at Pitti Immagine for a couple of seasons already.

Shop online for Primitive here:

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