Primitive ● Horticulture Bucket Hat + Dover Hood + Horticulture Scout Belt

Let me be honest with you: Primitive has the wickedest squad when it comes to its team members. This skate brand originated from P-Rod specialty store in Encino and evolved in what you could easily define “the ultimate street skater crew”.

From Wade Desarmo to Paul Rodriguez himself, from Spencer Hamilton to JB Gillet, from Robert Neal to Carlos Ribeiro, it’s easy to say that we are facing a unit of street skating perfectionists where every little detail makes a huge difference.

It goes without saying that, when Italian distributor of Primitive RNG agreed to send me this outfit, I felt like I was on a Nasa mission, flying really high. Not only because I feel honored to post on my blog the colors of such skilled team but also because I think that this outfit is cool, contemporary and crisp.

Welcome to the big comeback of full print hoodies, a trend whose first wave had a major traction like 11 years ago but, just like denim has its ups and downs, now both designers and streetwear fans are hyped to the maximum on this style of patterns.

That’s why in Primitive Spring Summer 2020 collection you can find several items based on this composition that includes flowers and mushrooms. I picked for this post Horticulture Bucket Hat together with Dover Hood and also Horticulture Scout Belt.

This bucket hat requires double skills: not only you gotta know how to pull together an outfit but also you need a sharp ability on your skateboard, to make sure all the haters shut up

The hoodie is made with a polyester blend in order to let its sublimatic print look better. Such technique avoids 100% cotton fabric otherwise the print doesn’t look good as it should and here it is vivid and defined. Mission accomplished.

Last but not least the belt has the same pattern, beside a branding both on buckle and tip.

I’m happy to see that nowadays it’s useful again to have a bottle opener hole in your belt. I have some more Primitive apparel to show you in the near future, stay tuned…

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