Primitive ● Pennant Dad Hat

Forget Flipmode: Primitive is the squad! No weak spots in what seems the tightest team in skate industry, carrying the torch to show the world true beauty of tech skateboarding. Primitive Skateboards includes all the different facets of this style. From OG founder and CEO Paul Rodriguez to veterans Bastien Salabanzi, Devine Calloway and Wade Desarmo, up to tech wizards Shane O’Neill, Carlos Ribeiro, Nick Tucker and Brian Peacock to fresh wonderboys Trent Mc Clung and Robert Neal and even the G’d up to the fullest Diego Najera, it’s an all star team that everybody is stoked on.

Let’s take a step back: wasn’t P-Rod an All City rookie that because of its technical ability was introduced to the Girl team first and later on Plan B?! It all makes sense, the Los Angeles native is walking on a straight line called progression. I have an eye on this team since day one and from my words it’s easy to understand how impressed I am from how this project came together organically, maybe stronger than what was expected at first.

I am saying so because beside actual skateboarding the clean and fresh taste of Primitive comes out in its soft goods collection too. Don’t get me wrong the whole team is composed by men for action, but when it’s time to dress with finesse, these dudes know what’s up.

Even from a little taste of its apparel such as this Pennant Dad Hat here worn by Nicole B you may get a feeling of what I am saying. The perfect shape of this cap and the little dimensions of its embroidery on the low crown make it an instant winner. Take note: the black pennant is embroidered even inside the outline, the type of details that I love (and that make an item superior).

Get used to this high level of attention to detail that manifests all over the collection, now available through RNG Distribution.
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