Primitive Skateboarding – Signature Script t-shirt by Fresco Distribution

To make a long story short, history repeats. Even in skateboarding. Primitive is living proof like I was bringing Group Home back but let’s start from the beginning. Remember when in the late 80s all you had in skateshops was the same old brands? Skaters then took matters into their own hands so you had a bunch of smaller cool companies coming up. The recession that we are facing these years forced a few skate brands to pull the plug on a few of their major riders and as a result a bunch of new board companies are sprouting like mushrooms. Primitive Skateboarding is one of the most interesting ones. After Paul Rodriguez quit Plan B he skated as a free agent for a while then he became his own boss, extending the concept of his store called Primitive to the skateboard he rides. How could I not be down with this bold move? I’m a die hard fan of P-Rod, I peep any single muscle moving of all Nick Tucker footage and I am mad supportive of the comeback of Bastien Salabanzi, just like any European skater does. How about that Brazilian cat called Carlos Ribeiro? He is so good that he doesn’t even need me to say anything. Voila the Primitive posse in effect. Wanna be down? Fresco Distribution is dealing with Primitive for quite a while and among its proposal you have this Primitive Signature Script tee that Chiara D is wearing. Crisp and clean, just like the skateboarding of the team, this is your chance to make history showing where you stand.

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