Propaganda ● P Rates hoodie

If there is an Italian rap label that independently went on a rags to riches escalation that is without a doubt Propaganda Agency. I was at BSMNT in Brescia on Saturday night for Noyz Narcos live show and boy, the house was packed for the main artist of the label.

Young fans that feel his street realness wanted to see what this was all about and I assure you that they got served. Singing the hooks with the joy that only a wild and free young’un can have, they all went home satisfied from what they saw on stage.

Propaganda as I told you started as an independent effort. Andrew Propaganda put under his wing a few artists from Rome with a clear vision of what his brand should be: an authentic rap label investing equally on developing the career of the artists and… on its merchandising.

What I see as one of the reasons behind this success, beside the solid roster of artists, is this logo that carved a niche in the mind of the fans: the Propaganda snake. Shaped in form of the infinite sign, this reptile ended up on several subjects of the merchandising range and they all went great. I swear I have seen kids reproduce this snake with markers on their backpacks and this alone says a lot.

Today we give a look to the P Rates hoodie from Propaganda latest drop. It borrowed the logo from Pittsburgh Pirates but the shape of the P is slightly different if you look at it closely. Representing the trials and tribulations that it takes to get at the top, here comes Christ’s own crown of thorns laying on the massive P on the front of this hoodie.

It’s supposed to be in shops these days, so it’s not available on the net yet. Keep an eye on Minimarket website to get it online but feel free to swing by Propaganda Store in Milan to cop it…

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