Propaganda ● Vampire Hoodie + t-shirt

This is what I like about streetwear: it is becoming such a global phenomenon that now every brand can stick to its local culture getting inspired by it, without “copying Americans”. Today Carlo Collodi masterpiece Pinocchio comes into play to create some brilliant items for Propaganda, Noyz Narcos merchandising.

Do you remember that wise character called Talking Cricket that was annoying a wild, young and free Pinocchio? He was schooling the young’un about life and Pinocchio just wanted to do whatever his heart suggested him. Starting from such classic children book, Propaganda gave us its own version of the story.

In the magic world of the talented MC hailing from Rome, the Talking Cricket becomes a cartoonish vampire that just want to sip some champagne. If you look closely at this design the bottle has that extremely recognizable Dom Perignon label that looks like a shield. The difference is that here there is the almighty Propaganda snake laying like the infinite symbol.

If these Vampire tee and hoodie are available already on Minimarket website in other glow in the dark prints, this latest color way relies on the power of neon yellow.

Make an impact and let yourself be seen: everybody gotta know that you are in love with the gritty urban tales of Noyz Narcos. I was recently at Alcatraz in Milan to peep him live and he straight killed it with a real show and a stage presence that fans felt, showing him mad love in exchange.

For what concerns the choice of such a strong color I can’t do nothing but support it. I see constantly Volt Yellow accents in Swoosh new releases and we even recently saw a pair of socks that could match properly these two items here worn by Kim M and Michela P.

For those that can’t wait to hear a Talking Cricket tell tales of party time and expensive bottles, just head over to the nearest Propaganda dealer or to Minimarket website. Stay real (or your nose will grow…)
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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