Protect ya deck!

I’m about to drop someting really dangerous as a statement, but life is a risk and here we go: there are two kind of skateboard decks, the ones that you skate and the ones that you don’t.
You do wanna skate a board whose rocker makes your sole feel good, the ones that are exactely the size and shape that you wanted to for that specific type of riding.
You don’t want to skate a board that has such a fine artwork on it that makes it a crime to slide on anything, let alone to break it in two.
My hands this time had the pleasure to touch this SuperFishal deck, the result of a collaboration among Jeremy Fish and Sam Flores. Both artists are regulars @ the Upper Playground familia and to see something that they produced together is a blessing, so the Interjeans group couldn’t miss this product.
Sam has this post graffiti style and his creations are women that are smooth, with exagerated yet delicate proportions. Jeremy makes fun of skulls and pairs them with little animals and the result is nothing short of amazing. Take a look for yourself but now… go skate with your “other deck”.

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