PSD Underwear – Star Spangle + Worhal

PSD Underwear makes me smile and since it’s raining non stop these days, what a better idea to make you feel good rather than their trunks shot on a sunny day? These two are called Star Spangle and Worhal. We saw this underwear brand before, remember? Pants Saggin’ Dezign (the words that form the acronym PSD) provides support and confort without forgetting that a nice pattern adds a little spice in your life, even when it comes to your trunks. PSD promotes a dynamic lifestyle that is based at the same time on the love for music, staying current but putting their personal taste in order to create unique designs. Star Spangle is inspired by the American flag, a subject that these days is much en vogue, considering that A$ap Rocky album cover or those stars around the neck of that famous Riccardo Tisci t-shirt. You only perceive a flag but if you look closely you just have two red stripes, for the rest Star Spangle pattern is just stars on a blue field. Worhal is for the floral pattern lovers, those that like to show off a tender and sweet side of themselves through fashion. Not only them: even the more aggressive outfits can get a sprinkle of fun with this item. In case you are wondering if there are more colorways of PSD trunks, I invite you to go and check their website where you are gonna find your call. Let these trunks show off from the waist of your best denim and you are showing people how it’s supposed to be done. Photo courtesy of Roberta Marcolegio.

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