Publish ● Break Silence t-shirt

When a brand has a claim like “today for tomorrow” you can bet that its items have been designed to be timeless and Publish even in this case sticks to the script. It was 2014 when I first posted here a pair of pants by this brand that moved its first steps in 2009 and I kept an eye on it ever since.


Parallel to the success of its Joggers of worldwide fame, Publish developed its whole range with a taste that wants to give you another side of California easy living. Borrowing a line from their manifesto this is a brand “Casual with an air of sophistication”. This is why instead of going after shallow trends Publish wants to express a research that this time takes the brand to a transversal form of fun an enjoyment: music.


Timeless like a turntable that with its tonearm lets you vibe to the tunes you want, while the record keeps spinning, here comes Break Silence t-shirt. What’s more timeless of a black t-shirt screen printed front and back in white? With a visionary approach, Publish turntable has plenty of needles, all with different shapes, just like people from every path of life may wear this t-shirt here worn by Samira T.


An item ready to take you to the Boiler Room event of your favorite DJ, this tee says in its front print “breaking silence since 2009” and with all my years of devotion to this goddess called Music I couldn’t feel this message more. New or old, loud or as a soundtrack of your actions, driving or in a club it is the fuel of the engine of my life.


Get to know more about this brand distributed by Blue on Blakshop, the online shop that carries most brands of the Italian distributor. Browse this website now: it ain’t given that what is there today will be available even tomorrow…
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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