Publish ● Joggers

When I started to notice Publish pop up in websites such as Complex, Hypebeast and even the mainstream GQ I started asking myself a few questions. Then I got to know that this brand recently joined the all star roster of Blue Distribution and the whole thing made sense to me.

Blue is continuously looking for quality rather than hype to propose to its customers so their choice didn’t catch me by surprise. This Los Angeles based brand is making the connection among menswear and streetwear, especially if we talk about these Jogger pants.

The evolution of such a piece that is a sign of the times was just around the corner but Publish did it first, making its Jogger pants the talk of Los Angeles in 2013. The attention in craftsmanship of a tailored piece but with a dynamic lifestyle in mind lead to the creation of this item.

Their claim “today for tomorrow” is just about this: creating a timeless classic. Urban life wants you to jump on your bicycle, pedal to work, do your thing up to when you’re done then meet up with friends to spend with them the rest of the evening.

All this with the same pant on. The great minds over at Publish thought that to enjoy the beauty of a classic chino that is more responsive to your active life with stretch fabric and high quality elastic band cinched cuffs was an opportunity not to miss.

The confort of this garment will give you an hard time to go back to your regular denims, I warn you… Photos courtesy of Beatrice Sugliani

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