“Purchase a Philly, not the city of Philly, silly punk/I’m talking ’bout the sh*t called the Philly blunt” (Redman)

Just a cap? Something to keep sun and rain out your eyes? Not really, this Nixon x New Era 59fifty cap is more of a modern art piece, but let’s put the whole thing in order. Nowadays not only institutional sports like basket, baseball and american football have their 59fifty caps, but even energy drink companies, snowboard companies, skate companies and fmx companies. This lightweight cotton cap is from the brand that opened its way into this market as a watch manufacturer but rapidly evolved into a lifestyle company whose line has a common denominator that is familiar to all the posts here: high standard of quality. Nothing but the standard shape that New Era got you used to, but style for miles. Since I told you that Nixon is in this run for the gold, what could you expect? Peep closely how the weave looks. Not your everyday cap: the canvas look of this piece makes it a special item. 100% cotton. It will prevent your head from sweating non stop unlike any other wool cap. For those of you that keep looking at it and still can’t figure out what the logo looks like, The Maxiemillion comes to the rescue once again. The 59fifty cap has been renamed in 1954 “Brooklyn style” cap, but there is more East coast love here. Do you remember that square in Philadelphia where pages and pages of the skate history book have been written? Of course, I’m talking about Love park. In this place endless lines of skateboarders rolling through a spot with infinite angles were filmed. It seems that this juicy cap, sent in by Funnel srl pays hommage, at least graphically, to the above mentioned spot, hence the tilted O. The name of this here product is infact Philocker in order to give props to the “City of brotherly love”. To this day you still can’t skate Love park but it’s one of those places that will stay in any skateboarder heart forever. Being this cap in cotton, it can stay on any skateboarder head not forever, but during spring and summer days only. What a coincidence: it’s the first day of spring real soon. How can’t you love this cap?!

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