“Put all your hands where my eyes can see/straight buckwhylin’ in the place to be” (Busta Rhymes)

I’ve seen it all. Never say this quote, because when you least expect it, someone will come at you telling: “Hey, you haven’t seen this yet?!”. Skateboarders. They invented this street style that we always talk about, right?! To all of you out there thinking that you invented something getting tattoos, flipping your visor up, wearing flannels, think twice, because this is something that Henry Rollins or Mike Muir already did 20 plus years ago. I dropped a couple of names well familiar with the united worlds of music & skateboarding. Flashback of a couple of decades and skateboarders were into a skate/rave lifestyle. Dyed hair, huge orange or purple pants, cut off hightops, screamin’ a big “F___ you” to the estabilishment. A few things changed along the way, skaters became more and more socially accepted as far as their looks, since skate clothing companies got into stock market, corporations entered the market that was once “skater owned” and what you see is what you get. This means that the rebel factor in skateboarding toned down as far as the image of it (the feeling is the same but that I can’t explain it: if you don’t skate, you don’t relate). Since three season an item is slowly creepin’ into the collections folded into the shelves of your local skate shop: Oxford shirts. I’m about to drop a couple of more names: Shane O’Neill and Eric Koston. You can bet that when the Street League champ and the veteran of tech skateboarding are into something, their million of fans arond the world will follow. Put together a sort of loop around this fashion circus and the result is that even Santa Cruz and their beloved Screaming Hand, had to jump on this bandwagon. They do it with thir own style and most of all with their own icon. They wanna keep you cool in case of cool breeze with this Key shirt. Boardcore s.r.l. is proud to represent in Italy this brand. In these days they’re sending their reps around to meet shop owners and to place orders and, for your pleasure, I kidnapped Ferdi C and stole from him this shirt, just to show it to you. This means that you’re not gonna see this item in your shop before next season but this gives to you time enough to assume the fact that skaters now wear Oxford shirts. Time to throw those sleeveless Salba tees away? No, please don’t! Don’t get institutionalized.

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