Quatre Cent Quinze ● Bloody Rose t-shirt

Let’s give a warm welcome to our new French friends over at Quatre Cent Quinze.

Do you know how The Maxiemillion works? I give you the picture of what revolves around my life. I may get in contact with a heritage brand of Italian sneakers one day, a skate hoodie the following day but I want to keep all this balanced. Not only established brands but also small brands with flavor need to be here and this is definitely the case with Quatre Cent Quinze.

Creating a connection among the city of Caen and Paris, this brand wants to be closer to you but also to the planet. With a humble motto such as “Per Aspera Ad Astra”, this unit of friends develops its collections on bio tees and crewnecks. Like this wan’t enough Quatre Cent Quinze prints them with a bio ink.

I met them at their booth at Seek and I got easily conquered by the witty humour of their designs that appear on premium quality apparel, like this tee worn by Elena S. Bloody Rose t-shirt represents graphically the ups and down of love. “Love is dead, long live to love” is the translation of these French words that basically speak an international language. Love is beautiful like a rose but… its thorns make you bleed. It’s just an example of the many themes touched by this brand: from sports to rap, from classic French way of saying decontextualized to cinema and even politics. The typical open minded spirit of French people is evident in this brand

The quality of the tee is superior: very thin with a little collar and a long woven label stitched on the sleeve to state the identity of what you are wearing. If French Touch is your thing go browse Quatre Cent Quinze website and you will be saying “Oh la la” in no time…
Shop online for this item here > http://quatrecentquinze.fr/fr/home/864-bloody-rose.html

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