Quatre Cent Quinze ● Hell On Earth t-shirt

I know, I thought the same: when I saw that this t-shirt by Quatre Cent Quinze is called Hell On Earth I thought straight up of that Mobb Deep album. This is probably a tribute: considering that we are talking about a French brand whose designs revolve around hip hop, sports, thought-stimulating claims and wicked humor, nothing is easier.

I met my connections at Quatre Cent Quinze last time I was at Pitti Immagine, remember? The little independent brand that divides its life among Paris and Caen keeps doing its thing. With a clean ethic that involves both bio cotton tees and bio ink to print them, the goal is evident here: to give you a top quality product from every angle you want to look at it.

The tee in itself is very thin and has a low collar. It’s printed front and back and has the wide label stitched on the sleeve that we already saw on the other tees from Quatre Cent Quinze.

Bringing flames to the table just like that other tee called Fire Letters that we saw here last November, this Hell On Earth t-shirt worn by Alexandra D has a strong environmental content. It’s like a warning on the state of things, putting a doubt in your mind. Something like: “We keep our production clean and you? What do you do?”

Fortunately there are still brands like this that have something to say but as I told you above the collection of Quatre Cent Quinze is large and not all of it is related to eco sustainable designs. Finding your niche there shouldn’t be hard if you are a smart dude that likes to spark communication starting from its tee. If you are looking to spice up your outfits with something special, that you don’t see around all the time, give a look to Quatre Cent Quinze website (before the planet catches fire…).
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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