Quintin ● Vander beanie

De La Soul told you that three is the magic number but here in this post that number is two. Two groups each one formed by two friends: The Maxiemillion and Alessandro C from Calle Marconi is the first, Giulia A and Stefi F is the second. Alessandro is the owner of Calle Marconi, the Italian distributor of Quintin, Giulia and Stefi have this blog called Ginger. So there are more twos coming your way: two blogs, The Maxiemillion and Ginger and two Quintin beanies, one today and one tomorrow. Do you remember Ginger, right? I did a collaboration with them in the past using the same technique: two pieces, the two girls shot each other and you, my reader, get to read this post in two different url: here and on their blog. This beanie on the delicate head of Giulia is called Vander. Your typical long beanie with a knitted feel here comes in a navy blue color variation. Wanna fold it? Go ahead. Wanna leave it long? This is Giulia choice and we can’t blame her for it. The way she is rocking it evoques a street chic aura that is no doubt enhanced by that silk scarf that she picked up for the shooting. Don’t let her outfit fool you: Quintin was conceived for people that ride bmx, for skateboarders and action types in general. This doesn’t mean that those people won’t love to see Quintin with a Ginger twist like we just did. See you tomorrow for the second instalment.

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