R.aw E.nvironment H.ostile A.ttitude and B.eyond

We’re not really dealing with your Hollywood stars and their clinic recovery from alcohol and drugs fun days here. I don’t have time left on those damn 24 hours that pass daily on my watch, I’m too busy giving you the best. Why waste my time with visions of far away worlds that couldn’t care less about me and what I do. This is my world and the person behind the concept of Rehab do cares about me to a point that he sent me a tee shirt. Friends of The Maxiemillion are growin’ up day by day. Forget the Diplomats, this is a movement. Raw like U God on The Mistery of Chessboxing without forgetting to keep intact your style, here comes the latest Rehab tee shirt. Ever heard of Roc B aka Shocca? He teamed up with Rockdrive to give you the ultimate street flavour. Those not fortunate enough to know Shocca should do a quick visit to his Myspace page and listen to his productions. Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Being linked forever with the Lobster family and having learned with years of street knowledge what’s fresh and what’s trash, Roc B took some time off the studio and put some creative effort into this. Nothing but superior beats coming out of the good old Italian land we stomp on everyday. He got the same results with the tee shirt. Lightweight fabric, good positioning of the label and graphics on point with the colours and the concept, here there is no will to play with colours and give u a cute design with shocking neon colors. This is a graphic that attacks you with a concept that brings you back to life, kinda like a rehab actually does. Too many sleepy and creepy characters nowadays drop nothing but waste on this street wear thing that is now called “urban market”. This brand is here to make a statement: social awareness is everything. Can’t sleep on this. Who can sleep with a team of homies backing this up by the likes of Mistaman and Frank Siciliano, Stokka and Buddy and Ghemon, a few of the most influential underground mcs on our scene?! Not me and neither The Maxiemillion movement. You can count on us, Roc B!

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