Radii – Axel Rush Hour

Footwear is never missing from my blog. It’s a crucial part of your style. Even Ghostface said it: “Make sure your shoe game is official”. This translated for those of you unfamiliar with Shaolin lingo means: make sure you are wearing nice shoes. What’s a definition of a nice shoe? It’s a combination of factors: some go for rare joints, some others want the same exact kicks that his friend is wearing. Footwear brands help you express your world in a way that your kicks may be the starting point of a discussion that rarely can come from your denim or your t-shirt. If someone meets me wearing these shoes here in the hands of Francesca T I may start to get questions like: “What shoes are those?” and I would reply “Radii. It’s this lifestyle shoe company out of Southern California”. After a couple of looks my friend would go on like: “How is that called? Its Emoji pattern is sick!” and my reply would be: “Its the Axel. This colorway made of printed nylon ripstop is called Rush Hour. I had them from Famous, the Radii Hungarian distributors. It’s nice, huh?! I’m feeling something different from the usual sometimes. You shall feel how comfortable the insoles are with their little round bumps”. Then once my friend will elaborate all my infos his reaction would be: “Man, I gotta check the website of this distributor. I’m feeling these kicks. What is the URL?” and I will tell him “http://famous.hu/en/4-shoes“. Aren’t we all European? Why not to take advantage on the free circulation of goods in our continent?! Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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