“Rae came blowing and blew off ya headphones, black/rap from yo Cali to Texas” (Raekwon)

People should listen more, but they are too busy doing their thing. Talking, working and neglecting what is the sound of music at a high level of quality. There is time for silence and time to follow music. You follow music when you try to separate all the elements of a track in your head, but still listen to the whole and enjoy it. When no one talks but the music itself, that is a great time. Nowadays, like it happens with clothing, there is a market flooded with all types of product in headphones category. Why you ask? More and more mp3 players and phones that can do that same job. More pcs in all forms, portable or not. In order to avoid the chaos, we all have our right to private listening session thanks to the evolution of headphones. We are under attack of more and more brands that claim that have the right headphones for us. Who should we trust? Follow your heart, but if you wanna be smart NTL is the choice. Newcomers in the headphones scene, guys over at Vertice srl have put their longtime music experience developing a product that is just what you needed. Matt is the name of this model and it’s not available on their website because… it’s not out yet. Once again this blog here is able to give you a preview of what will be on the market in a couple of months, before other blogs know about it. Let’s inspect a bit what we have here. Matt is 147 grams of pure musical pleasure, with a microphone included for all your phone needs. Even chats where you can talk have been tested with this matt headphones that avoids to shine as a sign of distinct class and the test has been easily passed. Our favourite model, Kourtney Amber R, shows you how it’s possible to enjoy your time to the fullest when rocking these: chilling in a grass field. When the games are over, she doesn’t has to fight against its dimension because Matt is foldable. You fold it and you throw it in the bag, it’s that simple and it takes half the space. Let alone that of all 10 color variation I picked up the most juicy ever: grey. Let your clothes do the matching game, this headphone won’t play. Or well it just plays good music like Beastie Boys new album

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