“Relax your mind, let your conscience be free/and get down to the sounds of EPMD” (Eric Sermon)

Sometimes you do the most incredible things to impress people. Even to get the girls. I did date a “so and so girl” back in the day, to impress the “hot girl” that she was friend with and… it worked. Didn’t last for long and wasn’t that important but it happened and it’s a lesson for life. Take this tee shirt by 2k by Gingham for example. It’s not that I don’t like it, I’m heavily in love with it but I didn’t draw it, Hersk did. His love for EPMD took him to sample visually a few of the words they used in their hits on this tee shirt. What am I talking about then? I’m about the picture at the bottom. EPMD aka Eric Sermon and Parrish Smith were onstage showing how to rock a hip hop live in Milan a few months ago. Beside the mosquitos outside the concert was epic. A couple of decades of hits dropped like it was nothing. In my mind the word “massive” took place and it got bigger and bigger the whole night. How impressive was their presence on stage and how many times I did listen to their hits I hadn’t exactely figured out before. Heavy beats that get your neck going to no end up to when the music is over. No frills mcs, but recognizable voices and unique flows are the key ingredients to their milestone success. The above picture stood out among all those I took. I forgot the camera home so I had to use my phone but the result is more than satisfying. Back to us, in this case the above tee shirt is just an excuse to let the whole world know about me as an aspiring paparazzi. Not that the tee shirt didn’t deserve mention: it’s lightweight, well finished and the printing is top notch. The distributor here is my friend Luca Roma, a jack of all trades into all sorts of street & snow things. Just to let him know that I have that extra kick to push his stuff, here is the surprise element of the live picture. Don’t go too crazy because you missed the concert by the way, you gots to chill.

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