Revolution ● Application hoodie

I wasn’t familiar with Revolution up to a few weeks ago, when Roby from Zen Distribuzione / Fashion No Victim first introduced me to this brand. The Workwear Jacket that I posted only made me more curious about this brand up to when I decided the other day to focus on this brand for a minute. Well, a long minute because the special on this brand will last the whole week.

Revolution is not your average streetwear brand but rather a North European collective of minimal design enthusiasts with a penchant for sustainable craftsmanship based in Jutland, Denmark. If you associate with “streetwear” a strong visual impact and a rockstar style this is not the case: here it’s the harmony of raw materials, fair working conditions and functional apparel ready to make you look good.

Here the goal is to make your personality the main character while you dress with an item that puts sustainability first, leaving pesticides and chemical agents out of the picture, using only organic cotton.

There is more: once you follow the flavor of the month too much… you keep on buying clothes. This represents potentially a waste while if you only buy a few neutral garments you may wear them over and over again, regardless of fast trends.

Following these guidelines this Application Hoodie has a seagull, that is ready to fly in your wardrobe to stay there for long. Its craftsmanship is based on a flock applique while the fit of this hoodie follows the lines of the body. This means that it is “multilayer friendly” when cold weather requires more than a simple hoodie to protect you and a flannel or a vest are ready to slide in your outfit.

Part of Spring Summer 2021 collection, this item is made of terry cloth so in case the weather is nice you not only you won’t need to put the multilayer technique in action, but you can stay cool and protected at the same time. Rendez vous here in a couple of days, in order to continue the exploration of this brand that has a lot to give, all in the name of the love for the planet.

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