Revolution ● Crewneck

Here we are, back to our insight whose keywords are essential design, organic cotton and sustainable craftsmanship. We started to point the spotlight on Revolution on Monday with Application Hoodie, then it was the turn of Hooded Jacket and today in order to give a proper ending to our special week about this brand we have Revolution Crewneck.

Forget the frills, the details that we don’t need and any desire to be loud: here we have an item that act as a silent warrior in this infinite sea of apparel items that do not follow any logic beside fast profit.

Hailing from Denmark, Revolution is based on minimal design, a trait quite common among Northern Europe cultures. Blame it on its cold Winters and shorter days but in these countries there is a much higher level of awareness for what concerns apparel. If on one side fast fashion gives you accessible prices on what is hot at the moment, on the other hand it exploits child labour and the durability of a cheap item surely won’t last long.

This is where Revolution… is revolutionary. Its attention to raw materials is crucial and this Crewneck is no exception. Made of a 80% organic cotton, 20% recycled polyester blend, this terry cloth fleece sligthly brushed on the backside is a statement in itself. Just say no to pesticides and chemicals: say yes to bio fibre and to recycled PET bottles. Open the eyes of consumers is a quite daring act but with such a name, this brand from Jutland peninsula could not see it any differently.

It’s a matter of the right contrast rather than the dimensions of the embroidery (or better yet “patch”) in our case. The message evoked by the torch that may be stolen from the Statue of Liberty not only is strong but very clear: we carry the torch for conscious apparel that you don’t need to forget every season. Break the cycle and take pleasure buying something destined to last.

All you have to do now is make sure your shop connects with Italian distributor Zen Distribuzione / Fashion No Victim in order to enter the long list of Revolution worldwide dealers.

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Photos courtesy of Giovanni Legrenzi

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