Revolution ● Hooded Jacket

Gil Scott-Heron was right: “The revolution won’t be televised” but what he could not imagine is that Revolution would have posted on The Maxiemillion for the whole week, starting last Monday with Application hoodie.

The brand part of Zen Distribuzione / Fashion No Victim roster is showing us a delicate attention to streetwear, from a Danish perspective. There is a conscious approach to craftsmanship that puts raw materials as a priority, at the same level of design.

It that can be no longer ignored: plastic waste has to be recycled and turning it into functional fabric for your jacket is one of the most interesting solutions.

Enter Repreve, a partner of this brand for the creation of such item, that can count to its name more than 24 billions recycled PET bottles. With a hand that can be described as a lightweight ballistic nylon (think an average backpack, just not so thick) this Hooded Jacket is refreshing with its essential design.

Think of what I wrote on my last post about Revolution when I touched the topic of buying too many clothes: with such a durable and long lasting shell fabric, when will you ever get rid of this jacket? Its navy blue colorway contributes to create an aura of something that will never be out of fashion, just as Revolution wants.

When jackets have a clean design like in this case, it’s up to you to make it become your own, adding layers or colorful patterns that state how you feel, showing the full potential of this item.

Its nautical inspiration is evident when you see how harmonically navy blue has been paired to white zipper and cords. To add a touch of urban finesse its hood has been lined with a light blue chambray fabric, while to make it practical it has an inner pocket for your phone or wallet.

Soon available on Revolution website, this item is not to be slept on, both for looks and sustainable craftsmanship reasons. Check back next Friday because I will give you another item from this brand and this is good for your soul: open your horizons, while you give a big middle finger to fast fashion.

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