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I always gets compelled to make a nice introduction when I post a brand for the first time and in this case things don’t come hard at all. I came in contact with a fizzling reality based in Verona in recent times called Zen Distribuzione. Coming from the same structure that is the backbone of Fashion No Victim, this distribution company revolves around several brands whose taste is crisp just as we like.

We start our adventure in Zen land with Revolution, a collective of people whose vision on urban apparel is far from average. Here the focus is revolutionaty to its last bit: fighting against fast fashion and low quality raw materials. The brand hailing from Jutland, Denmark just want you to wear items made of organic cotton or recycled fibres, leaving pesticides out of the picture for the safety of the planet. This is the part of the collection called Evergreen.

Its Northern European approach to design is clean and destined to last, giving in this way more value to your shopping. Last but not least this style of design gets so many aficionados that the penetration of the brand is worldwide, with stores that carry the brand from Canada to Israel.

This Workwear Jacket is the denim version of a staple of the collection that goes by this name but this is not available yet, being part of the Spring Summer delivery that is about to drop.

Staying true to its game, Revolution completely… revolutionized the denim jacket. Forget visible contrast stitching because the item under our eyes gets inspiration by mechanics and carpenter jackets. Protrouding pockets closed by flaps on top together with side pockets at the bottom, give a completely new appeal to this item. The essential design of Workwear Jacket allows you to wear it in many different ways, making it your own.

Once again the devil is in the details if you give a look to this jacket at the inside. Could a branding be ever more discreet? We will explore in future posts more items of this brand, considering how Zen Distribuzione proposal meets the “mature side” of this blog. In the meantime feel free to browse Revolution website and try not to fall in love with it…

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