“Rhymin’ and stealin’ in a drunken state/and I’ll be rockin’ my rhymes all the way to Hell’s gate” (Beastie Boys)

When I started to skate, around 1986, Pushead was the big thing. So big that he designed Metallica deck x Zorlac. So big that Thrasher had a few tee shirts designed by him. I was psyched on his productions to a point that I picked up a couple of designs, sent my money via International Money Order at the post office (do you think that this lil’ skate punk had a credit card?!) and waited for my Thrasher tees signed by Pushead. Not really familiar with the times of this deal, the wait seemed too much for me so I sent a fax (do you think that this lil’ skate punk could even suspect that one day there would have been a thing called world wide web?) to tell people at Thrasher that I haven’t received anything. Shortly after this complaint, a yellow bag hits my mailbox and there you go: my tees are inside. I think a couple of weeks after another bag similar to the other comes in my hands and inside there are more tee shirts. You don’t need to be Inspectah Deck to understand what happened. The tees were only a bit late and they never got lost by postal service, but american customer care is no joke. If the customer didn’t receive his tees, send him what he ordered another time, so he won’t be disappointed. So I paid only once for an order that I received twice. Needless to say I was mad happy and I felt like I owned the world. After the years passed I always thought of this scam and I serched for a way to erase the shame from my conscience. Good thing Max P passed by Blast! distribution and he picked up this tee shirt of Jeremy Fish x Juxtapoz magazine. Based in artsy San Francisco, Juxtapoz is this magazine that nowadays represents a reference for worldwide street art. Well, since their publisher, High Speed productions is the same of Thrasher magazine, I think that with this post I’m kinda giving back to where once I took. Sorry, I promise I won’t do it again!

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