Richer Poorer – Bount Boxer briefs

Richer Poorer Boxer briefs are seriously superior. That’s why I don’t have anyhing else to say about them and if you need to know more you can read my first post about them. These are basically the same briefs, just with a different pattern. Reading that post you will get my point of view about why Los Angeles rules not only in sneakers field but even in underwear. And again, why proper fit with antimicrobial stretch fabric can give unmatched confort. But what I actually want to talk about is the state of the camouflage. Isn’t the pattern of these Bount Boxer briefs a sort of disruptive pattern material? (and again, is there a war among the sheets?). Camouflage has been stolen from us, the street soldiers in order to get used and abused by mass fashion. Right now it may seem gone but let me tell you: in a way or another it will always find a way to surface in urban apparel and accessories. This pattern is a clear example. Not an average Woodland type this camo is more close to Jigsaw / Puzzle family. This is the kind of pattern that can forever inspire streetwear designers and our connects from Richer Poorer got it right. Camo is still hot. To confirm my theory check the “once they were Street Goth” collective A$ap Mob in their Yamborghini High video: trippy full color camouflage is their dress code. I guess they know a couple of things about what’s hot in the streets. Never change, stay hot, rock camo, love Richer Poorer. Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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