Richer Poorer – Bull Eye Athletic + Optic Argyle Athletic socks

A new brand on The Maxiemillion is like a new schoolmate when the class starts: he gets all your attention and with Richer Poorer is kind of the same feeling. It’s only recently that the part of your outfit called socks lives a newfound attention. Don’t blame it on shorts in sports: blame it rather on chinos getting shorter and denims with cuffs or even to joggers, the new style of pant that is getting major attention. Richer Poorer came in this scenario with a goal: making everyday products better than themselves. The brand hailing from Los Angeles is a product of its environment. California: a magic land where people smile to you in the street just because your outfit is on point or where they stop you just to ask “Where did you get this?”. This is is the perfect place to get inspired and give life to a brand born out of honest hustle, putting passion first (and risks second). Inspiration took Richer Poorer to create these socks that belong to the Athletic section. Bull Eye and Optic Argyle are the names of these models that will be able to surprise you even with the way they function, beside the way they look. Their padded footbed, together with the arch support, give a sweet feeling to your feet that you need to try. You will witness first hand (or better yet first feet) how its moisture wicking cotton keeps your feet away from bad smells. But you will also feel its Non-Binding Rib Welt keeping them in their place. Richer Poorer is a cool schoolmate, don’t you think? Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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