Richer Poorer – Dripping Camo Athletic

It was just yesterday that I saw these camouflage sneakers with a stellar price on the most reliable website for sneakerheads. It made me think once again that camouflage will never go away from streetwear. Fashion used and abused it to forget it after a couple of seasons but here we talk about streetwear. Even if catwalks keeps on peeping what we do, trying to recreate it and incorporate it, we have the juice, they don’t. That’s easily applied to these Dripping Camo Athletic socks by Richer Poorer. Do you remember when I first show you its socks and its boxer briefs? The Los Angeles brand does its best to design functional underwear that is effective where others are failing. Good looking socks sometimes go down to the ankles but not these. Its specific texture fits tight without compressing and this alone is a plus not to underestimate. Add to this its moisture wicking cotton, breathable venting and padded footbed and now you can easily figure out that we are talking about a great product. As far as design goes, blending a camouflage pattern with stripes is brilliant, so you just have to pick your choice of the three colorways available for this model. Match them to the rest of your outfit or just go crazy and use it as a contrast element, there is no way that the coolness of these socks would go unnoticed. Get lost on Richer Poorer website to find out more about the complete range and you will become a fan in no time (regardless of what your opinion on camouflage is…). Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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