Richer Poorer – Heller Boxer briefs

Richer Poorer really impresses me. I was happy about how those socks that we saw here not long ago looked and felt but I sure wasn’t ready for the next level that these these boxer briefs represent. Then I stopped and thought about it for a second and everything became clear. Coming from the City of Angels, you can’t get any success if you are tricking people: you have to come with some real innovative style and concepts otherwise you won’t get any approval. These Heller Boxer briefs here pictured not only share the name with the music manager that discovered Eazy E but are comfortable to the maximum. My words will be never able to give enough justice to this item, you need to wear it. But let me try anyway: the Heller wraps everything a boxer should in a way that doesn’t restrict you. It is because of its fabric made of knit cotton and 8% elastane, but beside this aspect it is anti microbial and anti odor, making this item together with all the above details a superior piece. Every detail of it is designed with your confort in mind, from its soft flex elastic waistband to the three buttons of the retro snap closure. Ready to perform if you love an active lifestyle or to stay seated with you if office life is what you are all about, the Heller is a sure shot that packs both looks and function. Now, did I impress you with this review just like Richer Poorer impressed me? Did I give you the picture like I was supposed to? Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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