Riot Division ● 2 Pocket Pants Khaki

With the recent news of that sporting goods brand forced to remove its Balaclava from its website after it was accused of “targeting gang culture for profit”, it was only right for The Maxiemillion bring out an independent urban brand called… Riot Division.


I had to wander up to Ukraine to found it but here it is, the most revolutionary brand ever. I met with Andrey Vasylchenko at Seek Tradeshow and I couldn’t be more stoked on this brand that couldn’t chose a better name for its collection. With the delicate situation in that state that has military pressure from Nato beyond control, not another name could fit in this way.



Riot Division work ethic is to create black or army green cut & sew items made of ballistic nylon in a progressive style, ready for the city. What stands out here is the research of the ultimate functionality of its apparel and the technical features, just like they were designed for a rebel military force.



Far from being an average cargo pant, this 2 Pocket Pants Khaki is a slightly related fit pant with two slanted pockets on the front rather than on the sides. This gives an easier access to the objects that you carry and beside those two, you have two more pockets at the waist, just like in any chino pant. Take a look at the ergonomic cut: this is why I used the word “research” in this review. All the details come into play here with front button with a ribbon and thermo welded zippers on the back pockets.


Globalization is real as it is evident: Kiev is not Berlin nor Paris but the conceptual level of this brand is ready to sit among the best brands out there and… we are just getting started here. You can buy online from Riot Division shop (at very interesting prices) in the meantime, but I will come back at you with more from this brand sooner than you think…
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Photos courtesy of Martina Oberti

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