Riot Division ● 2 Pockets Stealth Hoodie

Riot Division is becoming a favorite lately here at The Maxiemillion. Beside taking a pride in discovering a brand that I never heard before, I just love its name. I can’t forget how punk played a pivotal role in my life, so everything that goes against the establishment gets my thumb of approval.

I first saw the people behind this brand at Seek Tradeshow, as I told you when I showed you those 2 Pockets Pants Khaki a few weeks ago. Two Ukrainian guys with a goal: create apparel for urban ninjas. Cut off your color palette to two colors only: army green and black. Then leave out all the unneeded graphic tees and uninspired accessories and keep only items that you would wear in case of a riot and you have it: this is Riot Division.

Cut & sew items and a one of a kind perspective on urban apparel, making the city the ultimate playground for fighting style wars are the basic points on which this brand built its collections. I was already a fan after I posted those cargo pants and my love can’t do nothing but increase with this 2 Pockets Stealth Hoodie.

Look how this item that I am wearing (yes, it’s me playing “model dude”) has nothing in common with your average hoodie. Starting from its ergonomic design of the sleeves there is a lot to discover on this item. The igloo hood with no cords protects your head with a three piece construction and the D shaped nylon pockets on the front don’t share common ground with the same old kangaroo pocket.

Here you have a thermowelded zipper that won’t let your belongings out in case somebody during the riot is running after you.

Its hem isn’t ribbed but it is shorter on the sides, giving a touch of cut & sew even there. Show love to this brand, fighting the fashion system as you see it elsewhere: buy online this item on Riot Division website.
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Photos courtesy of Martina Oberti

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