Riot Division ● Packable Hat

Riot Division surprised us each time I posted it on The Maxiemillion and today it is not going to do any different. The brand from Ukraine that envisions the city as a riot playground this time is giving its own version of the most common accessory in streetwear: the cap.

It is no secret that headwear is one of my main passions in streetwear and this time I am putting to your attention a quite unusual cap. Called Packable Hat this item has nothing to do with your dad caps or snapbacks. This is more the accessory that you keep in your pocket in case a street guerrilla happens right in front of your eyes and before your hair gets ruined by fire or chippings, you use this item to protect your head.

This is in an ideal case considering the name of the brand but if we focus on reality for a second this is simply a one of a kind headwear piece that will make heads turn puzzled like they have never seen anything like this. Its two straps stitched alongside the crown create several eyelets where you can basically hook whatever you feel like.

Made of sail cloth or nylon if you prefer, this hat is treated with a durable water repellent treatment that will keep you dry in case of rain. Its small branding on the front of the rebel with a molotov is just like the one that we already saw on Urban Bomber and on Two Pockets Stealth Hoodie.

The crown has the same shape of a dad cap but what about the visor? Its cut is pentagonal and in its exact middle you can fold it in half to put it in your pocket… when the riot is over and the sun is back in the sky. Shine in a new light: go peep Riot Division website and buy what makes you a winner in the urban jungle.
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Photos courtesy of Martina Oberti

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