Riot Division ● Urban Bomber

Forget “White Riot” by the Clash, this is Riot Division and the item that we are checking out is all but white. But this brand and The Clash share some common ground: rebel attitude. The first was a legendary punk band from the late 70s and the latter is a brand out of Ukraine that considers the city as a battle ground. Its perspective is to dress people as they had to be ready for urban guerrilla.


The Urban Bomber that you see in these shots of Giovanni G is all but another copy of the official aviation bomber that blew up in these last seasons, courtesy of Kanye West. First of all it is a lightweight jacket, not suitable for extreme weather conditions but there is a lot more.


Its thermo welded zippers that are on the front of the jacket are several and beside having a fresher visual impact, they have an actual function. As I said this is an item by Riot Division and in its perspective one has to carry around plenty of tools and gadgets to be ready for whatever may happen. That’s why you have all these zippers.



Two of then if opened together become a sort of L shaped flap that covers other pockets and this is absolutely innovative, becominging a huge plus to my eyes.


Of course you also have a pocket on the arm like all bombers and on the other side there is the same branding that we saw last time when I showed you 2 Pockets Stealth Hoodie. Here the difference is that you can pull out the woven label and, surprise surprise, you have Riot Division written on its black velcro.


This Ukranian brand that I first met at last edition of Seek Tradeshow is ready to change the rule of the streetwear game. Too bad if you don’t agree: these guys are gonna make a riot in this case… Give a look to Riot Division website if true innovation (at the right price) is what you are about.
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Photos courtesy of Martina Oberti

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