” Roamin’ thru Hollywood late at night/red and blue lights what a common sight” (Ice Cube)

“Hollywood, make some fu*kin noise!”. How does that sound?! I think it just sounds great. That’s what you would have heard if you were part of the audience at the Roxy in front of the stage of the “Keep Up” video release party by our favourite fun-electro ensemble, Hyper Crush. We know them pretty well, don’t we? From their Mixtape 2 still available in free download to Holly rockin Skullcandy headphones, their name is not new to The Maxiemillion. It seems that they are headed to the sky looking for their limit. There is a new video out for Keep Up, as I told you, but this is not all. What can you expect when they team up with Mad Decent‘s own Diplo? You’re right: fire. Ayo! is this new single that will drive everyone crazy on the dancefloor. It seems that the dancefloor is the ultimate misson of these urban neon powered superheroes. Pure energy is what their live act is about. Did you see the stage dives? Their way to entertain is to make people smile with their lyrics and their 80’s outfits and let me tell you that a smile is wide opened on my face everytime I see them. This trio is fresh as the North pole. Their approach to lyrics is a friendly rap and their style is what fans are craving for. Holly is hot as her TK Supras that she rocks at the nail saloon, hands down, and Donnie and Preston are showmen with a “hard-to-love” sense of style. They are the electro crew that you may love to hate. But they know this already, that’s why they will have a “Fuck Hyper Crush” sticker available soon on their online store, together with a bunch of dope gear. Give it a look because our party homies promised that they not only will put said sticker on sale soon, but also because they will put more effort and keep updated the new website with all the infos, new music and live shows that your soul may need. On subject of live shows, if you post a comment here and we reach a decent amount of these, we may ask them to come to Europe. I can’t wait to hear “Milan, make some fu*kin noise!” shouted at my face.

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