Roberto Vincenzo ● Ice Cream Man Dad Hat + Live Love Laugh Zipper Hoodie

Any Roberto Vincenzo post on The Maxiemillion always brings a huge smile to my face, just like the first time, 5 months ago. Roberto got introduced me through Jim Shubin, a mutual friend that surfs with Roberto among all the other pies he has a finger in. Jim convinced him that I am the flyest streetwear blogger in Italy so Vincenzo has a kick every time he sees a post about his brand here.

This time I wanted to make the dad turned hustler turned entrepreneur shine with an all white outfit. Composed by Ice Cream Man Dad Hat and Live Love Laugh Zipper Hoodie, this is the trapper style that you can’t live without. Think about it: what’s fresher than a white dad hat these days? Only a combo of cap and hoodie of the same color!

Not stranger to the culture Roberto Vincenzo range is always full of tributes to the hip hop icons of the past rather than to the OG streetwear brands not with from a “biter” perspective, but rather with the honest approach of a fan that has so much love for something that… he needs to celebrate in his own way: creating an item.

Take this Ice Cream Man Dad Hat. Don’t you think that Master P “Ice Cream man” rather than Raekwon “Ice Cream” may have influenced this item?

Beside inspiration, the cap itself is a visual treat. Perfectly embroidered, with a cotton twill strap on the back surmounted by the double font logo. Tell me where such a fresh cap would be out of place?!

The all white Live Love Laugh Zipper is the item that being so fresh (and so neutral) you keep wearing over and over. Wear it with more white, navy blue, black, grey… nothing is out of place with this hoodie worn by Monik D. With the Live Love Laugh claim screen printed in a circle both on front and back, I can only back up such positive message.

Be original and represent the underground side of sunny California: Roberto Vincenzo online website lets you do so with ease. Shop online till ya drop: R/V can’t stop, won’t stop…
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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