Roberto Vincenzo ● Late nights and good times t-shirt

There is no way for me to leave Roberto Vincenzo out of The Maxiemillion. The surfer guy friend with my connection Jim Shubin has become a new friend of mine. It’s like that when two minds have the same perspective on things: you can’t avoid the connection. This Californian streetwear designer of Italian heritage gets my thumb of approval for several reasons.


Living in a rags to riches world where everything inspires him, no matter if it’s the latest issue of Thrasher magazine or a fresh mens outfit on GQ, Roberto wants to enjoy doing what he loves and this includes having fun at the same time. That’s how designs like this Late Nights and Good Times t-shirt here worn by Kim M came about.

No matter if it’s inspired by a weekend in Las Vegas or by the strip club on the corner, this tee explores the dark side of men’s brain with humor and that’s the only thing that matters. Late nights where dark skies become your allies to set yourself free from everything else, being it your day job or your problems.

For what concerns the good times I think that this design is pretty self explanatory: the chemistry that a beautiful woman dancing can give to men is something incomparable to other pleasures so no problem from my side to agree on that kind of good times.

Unless you love to spend ridiculous amounts of money while never laughing at a joke, you should check for yourself what Roberto Vincenzo proposal is all about. You will see that good times in form of tees, fleeces and caps (not to mention the iconic Californian corduroy slippers) are not missing from the proposal of his online store. The only problem is that there are no dancing girls but you can work it out for yourself…
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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