Roberto Vincenzo ● O.G. Snake Slippers

May we have an interactive post here? You need sound to better feel this item by Roberto Vincenzo. Open YouTube and crank any West Coast joint, but if I may suggest one Snoop Doggy Dogg “Gz and Hustlas” is the most suitable.


We are dealing with a Westside classic today: slippers. Not extra expensive luxe ones but a pair of corduroy affordable slippers that you wear in your Bel Air apartment.

If you aren’t that wealthy and your crib is located in Compton or Long Beach there is a chance that you go to the liquor store wearing these, white socks, baggy pants, white tank and dreads.

The moral of the story is: money ain’t a thing and style is priceless. Considering that Roberto Vincenzo claim is “Street Couture Fashion Brand for the h[US]tlers”, he strongly encourages you to wear these O.G. Snake Slippers in both the above situations.

The key to better understand this brand is to take everything light hearted, with a smile. This is basically what I told you when we first saw Roberto Vincenzo items last month. That’s why Gucci Kingsnake here loses its exclusive appeal and becomes an element to spark conversation starting from the usual “What are those?”.

Made of corduroy, these home shoes are lined in terry cloth and have a state of the art branding on the footbed, showing the half gothic Roberto Vincenzo logo. The Italian name of this Californian designer is starting to pop here and there in online stores that show attention to underground brands with genuine flavor.

O.G. Snake Slippers are part of a serie of slippers where you can find several subjects from Gucci Mane ice cream to the Virgin from Guadalupe to the Lucky Cat that you see in all Chinese restaurants. Time for you to recognize once again: even in streetwear… Italians do it better.
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Photos courtesy of Michele Marossi photo

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