Roberto Vincenzo ● The OG tee + Biggie Bear & In God We Trust Dad Hats

To define Roberto Vincenzo is not an easy task but music can help me once again. Try to mix Mark Morrison “Return of the Mack” with Ice T “New Jack Hustler” and you are almost there. Sprinkle a healthy dose of humor and serve it to smart individuals that are far from being street fashion victims and you got it.

A true independent brand, it’s a common sight to see on Instagram stories CEO and founder Roberto Vincenzo Marino screen print by hand his t-shirts and this alone adds value to the brand itself but let’s take a step back: how comes that these items worn by Evelyn V and Alexandra D ended up in my hands? It was around 2011 that I met industry insider extraordinaire Jim Shubin, that at the time was in charge of True Love False Idols sales dept. Jim is a crazy dude, that is why me and him connect, up to the point to stay in touch up to this very day.

He told me to check this Roberto Vincenzo brand straight outta Irvine, California and so I did. Its half Old English logo appealed immediately to me, let alone the claim “Street couture fashion brand for the h[US]tlers”. Can you imagined how I reacted when I saw that Biggie Bear Dad Hat?!

That is the definition of pure unadulterated street vision. The Dad Hat that everybody wear nowadays has its origins in Polo Sport caps of the mid 90s. What if Polo bear gets a Biggie restyling with the same Coogi pullover that he wore? Including dollar bills in his hands!

And if we talk dollars, in God We Trust Dad Hat has the same shade of green of American crisp money: the only God that Americans worship with all their heart.

As you can see inspiration is not lacking and The OG tee beside his loyalty message, is screen printed by hand on a premium thin tee, ready to endure California Summers. If you understood the actual potential of this brand just go on Roberto Vincenzo website to become a follower of this cult brand. A loyal fan, not an “easy come, easy go” one.
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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