“Roughneck, Inspector Deck’s on the set, the rebel/I make more noise than heavy metal” (Inspectah Deck)

I felt guilty a bit. Last time I had a deck to review I opted for the solution “sex sells” so I let Kourtney Amber R hold it just because a girl looks better than a sweaty skater. But this time I wanted to show you that there is room for progression so here we go. Remember those Mthrfckr shorts called York that we saw one month ago? Now it was about time to review one of Mthrfckr skate decks, so I set up a situation like never before. Vittorio A got the grip and what I let the kids do at the park was to actually skate the deck that we see here. The idea was to take proof of a grab, a flip trick and a ledge trick. With a little help from his friends Andrea “Furby” B and Pietro P we all shared some work for this test. After the gripping was done, it was time to switch the trucks from the old to the new deck and this is no problem to Vittorio. He was the one that started to use the deck with an half cab kickflip over the hip. After a while Furby came to demonstrate how melon grabs are supposed to be done: tall, well grabbed and with tweaked legs. Then it was time for another flip trick. Furby came up with his signature move: backside heelflip over the hip. Pietro was shooting him. No more than three tries and it got caught up high and landed properly. The afternoon continued in a multiple frontside crooks attack by Vittorio again, to call it the perfect skater afternoon. This Mthrfckr 7.9″ board is from Canada. The graphics are clearly about choppin off your finger if you do the mthrfckr too much. Now that’s pretty gangsta to me. I’m sure the heavy metal that gets used to chop the adversary finger is a shaolin sword. Hope that Furby doesn’t get his fingers cut off because he’s pretty good at grabbing that deck. Kids at the park had fun sponsored by The Maxiemillion: they got the chance to keep the board once the shooting is done (only for this time, not sure about next). Done from the hood, done with heart. Exactely like this deck here. The deck is legit on any terrain and if you want to peep even a few other pictures, there is a “making of” gallery to check on our Facebook page. Including a pic or more of Vittorio A and his front crooks attacks. Bang your head, Mthrfckr!

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