Rubber Killer ● The Jude backpack

When your name is Rubber Killer your impact is major. Like this was not enough you also get mistaken for some triple x movie apparel but our friends do not deal with that. We are talking about a brand with a mission: to give new life to reclaimed rubber inner tubes.

A very nice idea, considering that these days any environment friendly move is much appreciated. An idea conceived in the far away land of Thailand, the concept that is the backbone of this brand has been appreciated by a group of people in the UK and now Rubber Killer range is ready for Europe. Here on the shoulders of Elena S you have The Jude. In an era where every backpack has pockets and compartments for laptop, chargers and sunglasses (like that other Rubber Killer backpack seen here, The Ash), here we have a sort of “back to basics”.

The Jude stays true to its game: carrying stuff. With a bottom made of a recycled inner tube, you are free to throw this backpack wherever you feel like: it will survive. The same material has been used to create the branding on the outside pocket and the diamond on top that is usually made of leather on other backpacks. Another plus of The Jude not to ignore is the fact that you can unzip it to the very bottom. This simple feature will help you to stuff your backpack to the maximum easily. You know what to do now, right? Go cop a bag on Rubber Killer website: beside contributing to a rubber waste free world… you’ll have a killer style.
Pictures courtesy of Valerio Papetti

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