Rubber Killer ● The Notebook

May we take a moment off from caps, jackets, sneakers and such? I would love you to think about our planet for a minute. How can it keep working if we don’t pay attention to every little move we do?! It’s alert on each and every thing: quality of the air, treatments of the raw material that turns into apparel, bio food, recycle of waste: the list is real long. On the latter issue I have something to tell you today: support Rubber Killer.

The sparkle that ignited the process that lead to the creation of this brand is quite unique: to recycle rubber inner tubes. What would you do otherwise with such an enormous amount of waste that is ready to fill the land, or even worse the seas? With this in mind and a strong wave of vegan activism, Rubber Killer came at the right place at the right time. I showed you already a couple of backpacks from this brand: the Ash first, then the Jude and they both… kill!

So I thought that today you were probably ready to witness something more that goes beyond backpacks: the Notebook. I received this item in Jessica T hands together with the Jude and even if it’s not even on sale on Rubber Killer website, it deserved to be seen. What a way to reclaim inner tubes, you may think and you are right. We turn the luxury of a shiny eco leather cover into something that is more authentic, a sign of love towards the good planet earth.

Take notes, then: you have to keep Rubberkiller in check.

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