Rubber Killer ● The Parker

Rubber Killer never ceases to amaze me. How can it recycle inner tubes and turn it into a sort of “vegan leather”?! I was speechless when I first heard it and when I eventually got to witness firsthand the toughness of this raw material I couldn’t do nothing but recognize the genius.

I gave you a few updates about this brand already with The Ash, its big backpack, then it was the time of The Jude, the all round everyday ally and we even gave a look to its fresh Notebook. Today we check this messenger bag whose name is The Parker. I don’t know if it’s a dedication to Spiderman aka Peter Parker who may have carried this bag into the Daily Planet office but one thing is sure: this item… kills.

This messenger bag here in the hands of Ylenia G is not an item destined to be used a couple of seasons: it’s a companion for your lifetime. Its essential design is functional and its black color makes it a timeless item. Take the main strap off if it’s the case and carry it around with its handles. Pack everything at its place with its three elastic inner pockets on one side and the laptop pocket on the other side. With its rubber bottom and its rugged nylon canvas you can literally throw your Parker where you want and it will easily withstand the abuse.

As a final note this item is handmade in Chiang Mai, Thailand where Rubber Killer is also helping to support fair paid jobs.
And you thought this was “just another bag”…

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