“Run on the track like Jesse Owens/broke the record flowin, without any knowin” (The Gza)

This must be a bomb kit if it’s been reviewed by me twice in a day in two different languages, in two different blogs. Or maybe it’s a scam: two reviews with the same pictures and the same writer. I put it as it is: I’m slackin. Plus I lost two cameras in one month and this makes me really mad about not having a way to take a picture of anything but I’m back with a vengeance. So I bought another Nixon Coolpix (I had to give them props, I so love my toy camera) and much to my surprise at the shop I work came this lethal combo that goes by the name of Dirty South Dance 2. A young and wild dj born in Montreal that goes by the name of A-Trak, joined forces with this other young and wild designer of all things cool named Shepard Fairey and pretty much the whole thing sparkled from this friendship. It’s such a long time that I don’t review a cd. Last one was Doom. Or better yet J Love mixtape. This is some serious funny stuff. Music that makes you dance for real. Plus who doesn’t love the dirty south? I do. Land of giant chickens that turn any disco into a disco inferno with fuel that comes from a speaker shaped jerry can. Don’t forget that in this land chicken rock heavy gold ropes to show you that they want to rep on the real the music they listen. Like that Luda remix. I’m sorry to admit it but this is another scam. I’m linking in hypertext the Luda remix that I posted on my Facebook page yesterday. This is enough. I’m showing a shameful level of the slack-o-meter to you, the reader but most of all to this Obey item and to Blue, the Italian distributors for this and they truly don’t deserve it. Must be the summertime. Must be the fact that things like these don’t even need a review for all I know, so even with a new camera, I promise I will put this blog on hold for a couple of weeks and I will do proper reviews later. Fortunately, as I just wrote it, this item doesn’t even need a review, you want to buy it anyway. Run like you were Ghostface, your homies at NS Progress only have 4 pieces of this. Yes, Uno-dos-tres-cuatro like Pitbull was singing. Ok, I know, I’m tired, better shut up…

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