Rvca ● Cuban Card Wallet

Rvca cares about you. Over there they want you to look on point not only with the most fresh fabrics and cuts but also in those little details that make you stand out in the crowd. Think about your wallet, for instance. Bills, coins, membership cards, pictures of your family and your girlfriend, business cards may turn your wallet into a fat object that is more similar to a bowling ball than to something that should fit your pockets. Survival tactics in the urban jungle need you to refine your equipment according to your mission. If you go to the skatepark and you have your backpack with you, it’s not a problem, you put your wallet in and that’s it. But if you have that “special night out” that may be a dinner with your girl, rather than a night at a club or an event where you should look slender and impeccable but still you want your money and your cards handy, this Rvca item called Cuban Card Wallet is the real deal. It can make heads turn on you and that light feeling where you don’t feel your pocket stickin’ out more than Mike Jones belly will contribute to make you feel one with life. Made of denim and faux leather this brilliant solution to flash money for a limited amount of time may also represent a permanent card holder in a bag of a streetwear enthusiast female. Make sure you fold your money properly and of course you need to practice your gesture before going out. Try in front of the mirror to take this out your pocket and open it for a payment and you are set. Being nonchalant is key here, the cute little wallet that you own is not going to do everything on his own. Once again is not the hardware alone that does the job, it’s all about the rider. Photos courtesy of Giulia Alborghetti.

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