Rvca ● Howl Striped t-shirt dress

Don’t you like when I dress a girl in a women’s item? I borrow the services of my female friends to show you how nice a girl looks in men’s clothing usually, but not this time: I gotta give justice to Rvca dedication to the other side of streetwear.

Very often, as a matter of fact, women represent the hard part of having a complete streetwear collection so most brands… just don’t do it. Being Rvca a Californian brand devoted to a cool, creative and carefree lifestyle where art, skateboarding and surfing are crucial, our beloved girls had to be part of this with their own section.

Rvca pays attention to women’s world, their passions, their skills, their targets and give to this section of its designs a delicate attention difficult to find elsewhere. Howl Striped t-shirt dress expresses sweetness but it’s opened to interpretation. If you forget the way Michela P looks in these pictures and you think about a tattooed girl, you will figure out perfectly what I’m trying to say.

Keeping the bar at the same height of those men’s pieces that I showed you lately already, this versatile item is no exception. The fabric is not printed but rather it’s a jacquard piece, ready to be worn with the creativity that Rvca represents.

It can be a tee to wear at a club, rather than an item that contributes to a a multilayered outfit but it also could be what you should wear at a Sunday barbecue. How about wearing this at an art expo in sunny Cali?

Now that Rvca showed you the way, girl, stop going to those mass chain stores, do yourself a favor…
Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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