Rvca ● Kabuki Raglan

Arigato for tuning in on another post of The Maxiemillion. Why do I talk this way? We are about to make a trip into Japanese culture courtesy of Rvca.


The movement of artists, skateboarders and surfers represented by this brand can’t be stopped and today we give a look to a t-shirt by the ANP artist George Thompson.


Kabuki Raglan is about classic theatrical representation of ancient Japanese culture that goes back to XVII century. It starts with the name. Kabuki is formed by three ideograms: 歌 ka (sing), 舞 bu (dance), 伎 ki (skills). With its popular heritage, such form of theatre involves the use of wooden masks and one of these is the Hannya mask that you find on the back of this raglan.


The Hannya mask represents jealous female demon, serpent and sometimes dragon. Is it a reminder that there is so much to know in ancient tradition that we are losing in our hectic city life? There is a whole tradition in crafting these masks that gives them a different meaning even according to the color of wood that it’s engraved in.


The tee worn by Alessandra B in these pics marks the return of Rvca on this blog. It was 2012 when I first posted a card holder by this brand and I couldn’t be happier about this comeback.


Check closely Rvca website because, considering its network of ambassadors of different kind, the inspiration is never lacking as you just saw. Don’t miss the occasion to know more about the brand, be wise. Didn’t I tell you that in Japanese language hannya stands for wisdom?

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