Rvca ● Trail To Nowhere t-shirt

The nowhere as a destination has been explored in music from all paths of rhythm. It was about time that somebody represented it using apparel as the medium and Rvca did it brilliantly. Hip hop lover? You may remember Cappadona in Winter Wars when he said “Nowhere to go except next show, bro”. OG metal banger? Voivod in 88 said it: “And they’re going nowhere / To find better somewhere / But can’t get out of there”. I’m sure the list is way longer but let’s not forget that The Maxiemillion revolves around streetwear and it’s not a music blog.


Just like it happened last time with that irresistible Kabuki Raglan by George Thompson, Trail To Nowhere is one of those t-shirts that you see and you think: “I need this!”.


From the network of names that belong to the Artist Network Program also known as ANP, this time we are dealing with Alex Matus. The existence of this individual whose main interests are climbing, tattooing people and music may be summed in the following words: the need to explore. Balancing her skills with the urge to take the road whenever possible, she found the inspiration for an amazing artwork and thought it was the case to give a beautiful vintage feeling to this t shirt.


Rvca couldn’t wait to do something that was beyond the average tee, so this item worn by Elena S is truly something unexpected. Beside its contrast red stitching on the shoulders called simply Rvca Stitch, the potassium wash gives it soul.


An old soul indeed. This treatment beside making your t-shirt smooth like no other gives it an authentic worn look that… is nowhere to be found.

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