“I snatch, I grab, and then I grab the dough, see if/I was an Indian I’d still be the Chief” (DoItAll)

Rvca is schooling us all on the art called “top quality t-shirts” today. I told you last time, when I reviewed that Small Paisley shirt, that I would have shown you more interesting pieces and here I am.

This Chief tee in front of us that Nadia R is wearing is ready to give flavor to your summer. There is no way that you can resist to its humor. Show everybody that you’re all about two things: a) being a chief b) chillin’ behind your sunglasses.

Not lacking in the fun department, this tee not only makes you smile but it puts all the other t-shirts of yours in shame. It’s a t-shirt that passed an intense washing process is way softer than the average and its look is truly that “fresh outta a thrift store”.

See? Here we are once again understanding more and more the claim of this brand “the balance of opposites”. The tee shirt is new but it looks old. With a Native American chief on the front and a little print on the back, this tee doesn’t want you to forget that the ANP is the heart of this brand.

Artist Network Program, that’s what ANP stands for. Rvca knows that in order to be successful in this industry you gotta be miles ahead of the competition. This means that their brand not only relates on surfers, skaters and fighters to represent properly but also on about street artists. PM Tenore, the CEO and Founder of this brand believes fir my in what he envisioned and the results are here to see.

School is over now, go smoke a peace pipe.

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